Gas Spring to Comfort Your Life

Ever wonder why Gas Spring are replacing ordinary coil springs in many industrial and automotive applications? Top-flight professionals choose Gas Spring because:


Pre-loading is not required Pre-loading is required.
Construction is neat and simple Installation is bulky, dimensions are too large
Gives flat rate characteristics Structure is under constant stress.

Typical Gas Spring Applications

Industry Applications
Automobile auto Gas Spring, auto shock absorbers, bus and coach Gas Spring, hatchback, engine hood, passenger seats ....
Furniture Computer chairs, Executive chairs, Swivel chairs ....
Medical Hospital furniture, medical diagnostic equipment, dentist chair ....
Textile Machine door flaps
Mechanical Engineering Constant force generator on rollers ....
Office and Domestic Display board covers, Overhead filing cabinets, Loft shutter, bed cover flaps ...

Gas Spring have distinct advantages

  • They can be designed to suit individual applications to exacting specifications.
  • They eliminate jerks on the system.
  • Their installation is very compact.
  • They can be produced in small batch quantities.
  • They make the job easier, making it fatigue free.
  • They give a cushioning effect.

Gas Spring are used to:

  • Compensate the weight
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Step less locking operation in angular or linear motion.