Gas Spring



“The Pressure is always on”

Gas spring provide direct support for Safely Lifting, Positioning, Lowering and Counter Balancing Weights. They offer the versatility of a wide range of forces Simple Mounting, Compact Size speed Controlled Damping & Cushioned End Motion, combined with a flat Force Curve.

The weight range supported can be a few kilos up to half tone.

Harisons Gas Spring incorporate proven engineering techniques with thousands of cycles of testing to ensure they meet the standards demanded by customers.

The most popular use is as a support on a horizontally hinged door for cars. However their versatility and ease of use has been applied to many other applications in industries ranging from Transportation and Office equipment to off road Vehicles and Medical and leisure equipments.

Gas Spring Is Used In?

  1. Primarily A & B Segment Cars Use Gas Spring-Egs:Maruti Car/Santro/Indica etc.
  2. MUVs/LCVs-Egs:Maruti Van/Toyota Qualis/Tata Ace etc.
  3. Buses-semi luxury & luxury.(UASRTC D.Dun,& Bus Body Builders Jalandhar.)
  4. Boats (Hatches) / Industrial (Printing, Deep Freezing, Injection Moulding etc) / Funiture.



Gas Spring have distinct advantages

  • They can be designed to suit individual applications to exacting specifications.
  • They eliminate jerks on the system.
  • Their installation is very compact.
  • They can be produced in small batch quantities.
  • They make the job easier, making it fatigue free.
  • They give a cushioning effect.

Gas Spring are used to:

  • Compensate the weight
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Step less locking operation in angular or linear motion.