Lockable Gas Spring enable multi-position holding of a counter balanced weight over the entire stroke of the gas spring.

Lockable Gas Spring incorporate a collets which once adjusted to suit the application allows for variable friction settings, providing a 'stick-slip' operation of the gas spring.

Typically, the gas spring force is pre-set to carry the weight of the application (e.g. a canopy) in the normal manner. This allows the user to raise, lower and position the canopy in any position using the minimum of effort and in quick time.

Lockable Gas Spring are ideal for a wide variety of applications such as canopies, monitor arms, acoustic hoods, delicatessen counters, sunbeds and many more.

Gas Spring have distinct advantages

  • They can be designed to suit individual applications to exacting specifications.
  • They eliminate jerks on the system.
  • Their installation is very compact.
  • They can be produced in small batch quantities.
  • They make the job easier, making it fatigue free.
  • They give a cushioning effect.

Gas Spring are used to:

  • Compensate the weight
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Step less locking operation in angular or linear motion.