Mounting Brackets


Gas Spring are complemented by specifically designed mounting brackets.  The brackets suit the extensive range of end fittings, creating a wide range of easy-to-assemble fixing options. Where you are mounting your Gas Spring into a concrete wall, in a wooden box, or on a metal fabrication our mounting brackets allow you to mount your Gas Spring with ease. Whether you are using ball joints or eyes we have a range of brackets to accept your parts.

With multiple mounting holes you have the flexibility to choose how you will mount our brackets on to your application.

Gas Spring have distinct advantages

  • They can be designed to suit individual applications to exacting specifications.
  • They eliminate jerks on the system.
  • Their installation is very compact.
  • They can be produced in small batch quantities.
  • They make the job easier, making it fatigue free.
  • They give a cushioning effect.

Gas Spring are used to:

  • Compensate the weight
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Step less locking operation in angular or linear motion.